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World Illustration Awards 2018 - Somerset House

The World Illustration Awards is always an exciting exhibition to see, and it came at a time when I was in need of some inspiration. 

Here are some of my highlights:

Owen Davey - 'Facebook Fundraisers'

Magoz - 'Do you have questions? Ask!' and 'Fishing'

I always like looking at how illustrators approach animation. These gifs created by Magoz are creative but convey a simple idea. They inspire me to try creating more short animations, keeping them simple. 

Anthony Zinonos - 'bigSWELL'
His work showed me how powerful collage can be, and the importance of decision making. It made me consider the difference between ripping and cutting paper, and the strength of negative space. 

Loris F Allessandria - 'Adobe - Education Exchange'

Cinyee Chiu - 'Acknowledgement'
I really like the use of texture in this animation. It reminded me of the kind of work I want to create. I enjoy using texture in my work, and creating animations is something that I am enjoyin…


PITCH was an inter-disciplinary design event at Old Spitalfields Market, curated by first year design students from Camberwell. It focused on environment, narrative, interaction and exchange, attempting to reimagine the marketplace. 

This event is a result of a growing relationship between the market and Camberwell College of Arts, which was established from the event we organised and ran last year, Spitalfields Illustrated. I really enjoyed being a part of the organisation of the event last year, and it taught me a lot about how to plan events, sell work and how to collaborate and lead a team. It was a great experience to be able to return to the market as part of this larger event, organised by first years. It was nice to take a step back on the organisation side, and just enjoy selling work and interacting with the public. Although, I did get involved with the running of the outlet stalls at the event, and organising the money after. I always enjoy this part, and it was rewarding to…

Sketchbooks and Postcards

My final products for the Sell Yourself event are some handmade sketchbooks with unique covers, and some postcards (2 designs). The brief asks for an edition of at least five. I was a bit unsure about this because I wanted my sketchbooks to feel handmade, and so I wanted each cover to be different, but using the same shapes and colours. I liked this idea because I wanted the customer to look at them all and have to choose their favourite, or even buy more than one. I wanted them to feel as though they are getting something unique. 

To make sure I definitely fulfilled the brief, I decided to print some postcards. I handprinted them using foam stamps, however I chose two designs and tried my best to reproduce the same design each time. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to get them looking as close to the same design as possible. Each one is slightly different of course, but that is the nature of printing by hand, but I managed to make them as similar as I could by using a …

Sell Yourself at Artist Run

The build up to the event was busy as usual. There were so many things to organise and check, and we wanted to make the event as good as possible! 

Setting up in the venue went well, with the curation team organising it. They had decided the layout of the space the day before, which made it so much easier. Of course there were a few last minute issues, like going out to buy a few things we suddenly needed, or more people arriving with work. It was great to finally see the space (other than in photos), and see everyone's work together. Promotion in the surrounding area seemed strong and we noticed quite a few posters on the way to the venue. And whilst setting up, we already had people passing by, asking what was going on. 

The event was incredibly busy, and the weather stayed nice! There was a moment mid afternoon when it started to get quiet, but as soon as the free drinks appeared we got very busy again. It was much busier than we expected, and we made more money than expected too…

Frumpy Monkey - A Peckham Tale

The film for the performance we filmed in the studio using the green screen is finally done! It is interesting to watch the film after not having thought about the project for a long time. I found it really funny, and I think it's a great thing to be able to look back on. We all enjoyed the project and working together, and the film is almost like a celebration of that. 

Using a green screen for the first time was exciting, but I was also a bit apprehensive. Having not planned to use a green screen, of course some of our props might not have been the most suitable - especially the bright green TV!! But it was fun to experiment and try something new. And we do have the film from the venue as a back up option. Yuzhen kindly edited the film for us, and she did really well. The quality is a bit lower, because when the green is picked up, it picks up some noise too. However, the lower quality is quite nice, and the large, bold backdrops work so well to bring the colour and fun to the fi…

Sell Yourself - Handmade Editions

I enjoy making books, and so I thought it would be a good idea to make some for this project. I decided to stick to two colour patterns, using shapes taken from the garden. Each sketchbook will have a slightly different cover, making the buyer choose between them, or even buying more than one. I have used coloured thread to match the cover. I am also going to make sketchbooks using different colour combinations, including greens. As you can see from the prints below, I will use the similar shapes, but print them fairly randomly to make each sketchbook unique. This is a part of hand printing and making things by hand that I like. Each is more special because there will never be two that are exactly the same. 

Sell Yourself - Stamp printing

For this project, I wanted to keep it simple. Inspired by the foam stamp workshop in the studio, I decided to try my own at home. I started with simple geometric shapes. I like patterns using these kinds of shapes. However, after asking for advice about my work, I realised that it was too simple, too generic. Anyone could make those shapes. I needed to find something more individual and relevant to me. I have been using the garden as my inspiration recently, spending sunny afternoons in the garden drawing. It was suggested that I try and take these shapes from the garden and make them into stamps, keeping my work abstract but giving it more meaning. 

I have decided to make sketchbooks or notebooks, all handmade and slightly different. Although the brief asks for an edition, I wanted to emphasise the handmade nature of the books, and so I plan to print the covers slightly differently. However, I will use the same stamps to ensure they look like part of the same series or edition. I deci…

Illustration/Animation Inspiration - Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry is an illustrator and animator based in London. She uses bright colours and simple shapes to create minimal but bold illustrations with subtle texture. She likes to observe people in various environments, and uses this as inspiration for her work. 

I am inspired by her work depicting the London Underground. It has been a topic that I have previously enjoyed exploring in my own work, and I would like to create more work in the future about it. I like the familiarity of the London Underground. I use it nearly everyday, and so there is always inspiration. I also like the idea of making images that people can relate to and feel a connection. 

Frumpy Monkey Legacy?

The performances went well, and the audience seemed to enjoy the stories and our interpretations of them. We would like to continue Frumpy Monkey, and extend the life of the stories we told. 

We recorded the performance again in the studio, so that we had more control of lighting. The venue was quite dark, and so we wanted to film the performance again with better lighting. Performing without an audience was slightly strange, but it meant that we didn't have to worry about transitions between scenes, and we could do as many takes as we needed. However, we had to be quick when filming, and be careful when we filmed scenes because there were interviews in the studio, and we had to move everything a couple of times before we were able to begin filming. Luckily, we finished just before we needed to be quiet again for the interviews. To take up less space in the studio, we decided to film with a green screen backdrop rather than back project. 

The film will be edited, and I hope to send …

Frumpy Monkey - The Performance

We didn't have a lot of time to rehearse in the venue because the day before the event was mainly devoted to installation and set up. However, we stayed late and made sure to rehearse in the venue, mainly to work out the transition between scenes. We needed to know which side of the stage each prop should be, and we couldn't decide this without seeing how much space we would have each side of the stage to store our props. 

The day of the performances came, and we were nervous but excited too. We would FINALLY have an audience! It was the moment of truth. Would people understand the stories? Would they find it funny? We were really unsure whether our humour would translate, having not performed it for an audience yet (other than a few friends), and we hoped that people would understand the stories with no background information other than our speech before each performance. The stories are simple, and we designed the scenes around the props, many of the scenes not even including…