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Frumpy Monkey - A Peckham Tale

The film for the performance we filmed in the studio using the green screen is finally done! It is interesting to watch the film after not having thought about the project for a long time. I found it really funny, and I think it's a great thing to be able to look back on. We all enjoyed the project and working together, and the film is almost like a celebration of that. 

Using a green screen for the first time was exciting, but I was also a bit apprehensive. Having not planned to use a green screen, of course some of our props might not have been the most suitable - especially the bright green TV!! But it was fun to experiment and try something new. And we do have the film from the venue as a back up option. Yuzhen kindly edited the film for us, and she did really well. The quality is a bit lower, because when the green is picked up, it picks up some noise too. However, the lower quality is quite nice, and the large, bold backdrops work so well to bring the colour and fun to the film.  

I am planning on sending it to Ben from South London Gallery, as we promised we would, so that he can show the children who wrote the stories. I am looking forward to hopefully hearing about their reactions (although slightly nervous too because children are so honest!)