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3 Reportage Illustrators

Lucinda Rogers

I have admired Lucinda Rogers' work for quite a while now, and it inspires me to go out there and keep drawing. I love her use of materials. She uses coloured paper on some occasions to her advantage to change the mood of the image, which is something I like to do in my work. Also, I really like her variation of line weights in her illustrations. She cleverly makes some lines bolder than others, which makes you feel as though you are standing in that environment looking at the same view as she did when she created the image. I like the way that she makes some parts very detailed, and in other parts she just suggests that there is more there. Her use of mark making to suggest movement, along with washes and hints of colour make her work stand out to me. 

Peter Arkle
I only recently discovered the work of Peter Arkle. I really like his piece '39 Things on Broadway', as I find it a really interesting concept that he has recorded an environment through the objects …

Parallel Museum project - Gift Shop

The final workshop in this project was really enjoyable. The idea was to create a set of postcards for a gift shop in our collective imagined museum, using a set of prompts, some of which were very specific, whereas others were very open and vague. 
My favourite postcards are probably the crocodile amulet and the vase. I used found textures in magazines along with coloured paper and card to create my postcards. I like the crocodile postcard because I think he has a lot of character, and I am happy with the colours I chose to use. I am happy with the vase postcard (the prompt was simply 'Vase'). I used a very recognisable shape cut out of a texture from a magazine. I combined this busy texture on a background of two similar bold colours. I feel that this helps to emphasise the vase. I feel that I could improve the other postcards, particularly the ones with white backgrounds, as I feel that they don't quite fit in with the rest of the set. I think I should have also used mor…

Parallel Museum project - imagined objects

This project centred around drawing both from observation and from imagination. I found this quite daunting at first because I much prefer to draw what I see in front of me than from my imagination. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed drawing from memory, which was our first task. 

I found the imagination parts of the project fairly difficult. It helped me to use the method of using what I had observed, combining two or three elements of objects I had seen to create new, hybrid objects. 

This object is based around two different gold vases/objects from the British Museum. One of the objects I had drawn from memory, and I had remembered only the raspberry-like shape, and so I used this drawing as inspiration for an imagined object. I also took the chicken foot shape, which was the base of a vase and combined the two to create a strange, almost comical object. 

For this object, I combined a shell and a pocket watch together. I changed the scale of the shell, and the round shape reminded …

Drawing Trip - Bristol Museums and Art Galleries

I found the trip as a whole to be a great experience. One aspect I liked was that it gave me the chance to visit a few museums and galleries that I had never visited before. When we were in Bristol, we visited Arnolfini, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Centrespace and the Stoke's Croft Museum. 

Arnolfini were showing an exhibition by Daphne Wright entitled 'Emotional Archaeology'. I thought that this exhibition was really interesting, as it featured lots of different forms of artwork, such as drawings, 3D sculptures and moving image. Wright used delicate materials in her work to tackle issues that are delicate to talk about, such as the treatment of animals, parenthood and ageing. My favourite part of the exhibition was actually a piece that I feel was noticed less. There were some plants, each one on its own individual shelf, located near staircases. I found these pieces to be really interesting because they were grey in colour, and so blended into the wall qu…

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