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Arts and Crafts project

The theme of this project was to explore the buildings of Camberwell College of Arts, and to learn about its significance in the Arts and Crafts movement. We did this through looking at textures by creating rubbings, observational drawings and mono printing. 

Some of the textures where particularly hard to capture, however after doing quite a few rubbings I worked out techniques and materials that were more effective in capturing the texture. I found that graphite and oil pastels were very effective. 

I really enjoyed the observational drawing, as it is a technique that I love and have practised a lot. These are a few of the drawings. 

I liked drawing the wonky stairs the most. The stairs have worn down in certain places because so many students have walked in the same place. I found this to be really interesting because it is something that I had never really noticed before, and now I notice it all the time when I use these stairs. 

Finally, the project ended with some mono printing. I had used this process before, but I hadn't had much practice. I found it really difficult to get successful prints because it was very hot in the studio and so the ink was drying too quickly. However there were a few prints that I am quite happy with.

I did some more mono prints when I got home, as I wasn't happy with my prints. I think that it was too hot in the studio, and so the ink was drying too quickly to be able to get a full print. I found that doing mono printing at home was a lot more successful, because the ink didn't;t dry really quickly, and so I could take my time and get more detail in my prints. I also tried it with different images. 

For these prints, I simply used a pencil to draw the lines. I also used my pencil and my finger to shade in the windows. 

For this print, I simply put another piece of paper over the ink after I had done a print, creating an inverted effect. This image shows the South London Gallery and the 1898 UAL building, as seen from the courtyard. 

I used a different technique for this print. I put quite a lot of ink on the acetate. After putting the paper down, I used my thumb to add pressure on the page, creating dark, moody silhouettes of the buildings. I then used my pencil to create outlines of the lights. Finally I used my finger to create the line of the bridge connecting the 1898 and the 1970s building.