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50 Things To Do In Brean Sands

Catch a fish
Describe a place in 5 words
Bake a potato

Make an anagram of your names
Make a group packed lunch/Have a picnic

Count grains of sand
Design a souvenir
Make a trace

Decorate your room
Decorate your room (part 2)

Go to an event
Make a net
Make a rubbing
Make a rubbing (part 2)
Make a sign

Swap clothes
Swap clothes (part 2)

Send a postcard to London
Tidy your room
Replicate an artwork

Use your wrong hand all day
Go for a walk

Write a sentence in another language (I think someone can heal my hell)
Write a script
Go for a walk (part 2)
Fill in the cracks

Climb to a high point/Visit a monument 
Draw a map
Paint a portrait
Make and fly a kite
Paint a landscape