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Drawing Trip - Bristol Museums and Art Galleries

I found the trip as a whole to be a great experience. One aspect I liked was that it gave me the chance to visit a few museums and galleries that I had never visited before. When we were in Bristol, we visited Arnolfini, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Centrespace and the Stoke's Croft Museum. 

Arnolfini were showing an exhibition by Daphne Wright entitled 'Emotional Archaeology'. I thought that this exhibition was really interesting, as it featured lots of different forms of artwork, such as drawings, 3D sculptures and moving image. Wright used delicate materials in her work to tackle issues that are delicate to talk about, such as the treatment of animals, parenthood and ageing. My favourite part of the exhibition was actually a piece that I feel was noticed less. There were some plants, each one on its own individual shelf, located near staircases. I found these pieces to be really interesting because they were grey in colour, and so blended into the wall quite well. It was easy to not notice they were there due to their colour and location. After reading about the exhibition, I discovered that the plants were actually made out of clay, and they were not fired to reflect the delicate nature of the object itself, which I found to be a really interesting concept. 


Another one of my favourite exhibitions we visited was a group exhibition entitled 'A Walk in the Park' at Centrespace, Bristol. This exhibition featured the work of four artists, all working under the same theme of 'A Walk in the Park' as part of the Victoria Park Big Park Draw. I really liked this exhibition because they had the artists' sketchbooks on display too, which I found more exciting that the pieces on the wall. I really liked looking at how different people used the same format of displaying work, and the same subject matter, and yet each person's sketchbooks were different and exciting. I really liked how full up they were, and their use of watercolour and ink in their drawings. I also liked how some of them had played with the idea of a sketchbook, cutting out and folding out sections so that they almost became 3D objects rather than sketchbooks.