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City As Object project - moving from 2D to 3D

The next step was to create a 3D capriccio inspired by our drawings from the Barbican. I found it quite easy to gather ideas and designs for my model, as I spread out all of my drawings so that I could see them together and picked out elements that I liked. Sketching my ideas in thumbnails was really helpful because I could see how my idea was progressing and changing with each new sketch. 
Although designing it was quite easy, it was difficult to make. I had to make something that was sturdy, but also something that I could transport. I decided to make separate elements that I could later combine and attach when needed to ensure that nothing got broken when transported. I used wooden sticks, paper, electrical tape and wool to create my piece. 

I decided to pick out elements, such as the winding shape of a road and a running track in the 'Curve' exhibition at the Barbican, and change them into something new. I added a blue zebra crossing because some of my drawings using my rule…

City As Object project - drawings from the Barbican and the RIBA

For this project, we visited both the RIBA and the Barbican to draw on location. On the first day, we were creating drawings based around some prompts (silhouette, texture, shape, infrastructure, type, systems, contrast, line, intersection and pattern. I found these really interesting because they made me look at the environment in a different way, focusing on specific features to draw from. I really enjoyed using a variety of paper to draw on, particularly coloured paper. 

I found the Barbican to be a much more interesting place to draw, because there were lots of different areas, both inside and outside to focus on. These are just a few of the drawings I created. 

Next, I chose to revisit the Barbican. We had to choose a rule to focus on, I decided on only drawing the colour blue. I found it really difficult to decide on a rule at first, but once I had picked one of my ideas and just started drawing, it got easier and by the end of the day I was really enjoying it and it was hard to s…

Bedwyr Williams - The Gulch

When visiting the Barbican during the City as Object project, I went to the current exhibition in the Curve Gallery, situated in the Barbican. The exhibition was entitled 'The Gulch' by Bedwyr Williams. It involved going through a series of staged rooms and scenes, each one more confusing and unexpected than the previous. 

I found the exhibition very confusing and disorientating. Navigating through the long sequence of rooms felt a bit like an adventure. I went through the exhibition twice, and I found that the second time, I noticed even more things that I hadn't noticed before. I found this to be such an exciting way to go through an exhibition. Before I went in the exhibition, I had no idea what it was or how long it was, so as I went through each room, it was like discovering a new environment. 

It was very thought-provoking and many questions came to mind: 
where is the end?
where am I?
what will be in the next room?
why is there a singing shoe?
what is behind that curtain?


City As Object Project - 10 shop windows

Being asked to draw 10 shop windows seemed daunting at first, however once I went out to look at different shops in different locations, I found some that were really interesting and diverse. I took the approach of drawing some directly from life, and some drawn from photos that I had taken. I mainly chose to do this because some of the shops were incredibly busy and so drawing from life would have been very difficult. Also, varying my approach meant that I was able to use a wider range of materials in my drawings, reflecting the diverse collection of shops I chose. 

1: Local card/party shop
I chose this window because I found the limited colour palette really interesting. The display was based on the theme of Autumn, and so mainly consisted of reds, browns, oranges, yellows and greens. 

2: Local Save The Children 
When I first looked at this window, I found it really boring and mundane. However I decided to draw it because I enjoy drawing glass and reflection. I wanted to quickly sketch …

Orientation Project

In groups, we were given areas of London to explore through sketches, notes and collecting found materials. My group spent two afternoons exploring Peckham and Camberwell. This is what I found interesting along the way:

Lunchtime - Camberwell Green Children laughing and running around, people relaxing in the sun, chatting, birds singing, sirens whizzing past, students enjoying a break, autumn leaves everywhere

Poundland and Bargain Express Store - Camberwell A sense of order and disorder, chaos, busy shoppers, security men, neon orange price signs, repetition, capri-suns and crocs, fish flip flops
Roman Ondak: The Source of the Art is in the Life of the People - South London Gallery Peckham

Bussey Building

Dinh Q Le The Colony - Rye Lane Peckham Film being shown on 5 huge screens, echoes, darkness. When standing in the centre of the space, the surrounding screens make you feel immersed in the film, as if you are standing on top of the cliff. Dizziness and disorientation. 

Peckhamplex Clashing c…