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City As Object Project - 10 shop windows

Being asked to draw 10 shop windows seemed daunting at first, however once I went out to look at different shops in different locations, I found some that were really interesting and diverse. I took the approach of drawing some directly from life, and some drawn from photos that I had taken. I mainly chose to do this because some of the shops were incredibly busy and so drawing from life would have been very difficult. Also, varying my approach meant that I was able to use a wider range of materials in my drawings, reflecting the diverse collection of shops I chose. 

1: Local card/party shop
I chose this window because I found the limited colour palette really interesting. The display was based on the theme of Autumn, and so mainly consisted of reds, browns, oranges, yellows and greens. 

2: Local Save The Children 
When I first looked at this window, I found it really boring and mundane. However I decided to draw it because I enjoy drawing glass and reflection. I wanted to quickly sketch the display, and I used the brown paper to make the collection of glass objects stand out. 

3: Marks and Spencer - Westfield Stratford City
I work right near a large shopping centre, and so I used my lunch break to go and look at the shop windows. I found the M&S window really eye-catching because it used lots of different levels to display different objects, making them stand out. 

4: Paperchase
Paperchase is one of my favourite shops because I love stationery. I have visited this store a lot, and so I knew that the shop front was really colourful and would be fun to draw. Behind the logo, there are lots of coloured lights of different lengths overlapping each other. Although there were not any products on display in the shop window, I still found it enjoyable to draw. 

5: Percy Ingle
This was my favourite window to draw. As most of the cakes were brown, I decided to use brown paper and add colour. I found electrical tape to be an effective way to block out sections. I really enjoyed drawing all of the cakes on display, and I found this style of drawing to be really fun. 

6: Local clothes shop
I used collage for this window because there were lots of block colours and a few patterns. I chose this window because I liked the colour palette of red, black, grey and white. I also liked the contrast between the bold patterns and the block colours.

7: Charity shop window
This window was definitely the most diverse. When looking for interesting windows to draw, I found that charity shops were the most interesting because they have such an abstract collection of objects in the shop. It made me think about who decided to put these objects in the window. Because of the amount of detail, I only completed a pencil sketch because it was taking too long, but I didn't want to miss anything out. 

8: Local florist
Recently, I have found drawing on black paper to be a really exciting way to draw. I decided to use it for this shop because the inside of the shop was very dark, however the items and plants outside the shop were very bright, and so I used the black paper to highlight this contrast. 

9: Hollister - Westfield Stratford City
When I first saw the task, I knew that I wanted to draw this shop front. In the middle of a huge shopping centre, this shop was designed to look like a house, and I have always found this intriguing. 

10: IKEA - Westfield Stratford City
IKEA have just opened their first 'order and collect' store in a shopping centre. I decided to capture the shop front using electrical tape on tracing paper because the shop front is almost entirely glass, and it looks very minimal. The IKEA logo stands out, and so I used yellow and white tape to emphasise the contrast.