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Sounds of the City Exhibition - London Transport Museum

I have always been interested in illustrations that explore city life, particularly London as I can relate to the imagery and observe similar things myself. I have also been interested in making work about the London Underground, because I use it most days and so is very familiar to me. 

The Sounds of the City exhibition at the London Transport Museum celebrated illustrators who are inspired by both of these topics, and so I was excited to go and see the work on display. 

Phoebe Swan:
This illustration stood out for me because it is a lino print, and yet the illustrator has managed to capture so many details and elements of a city scene. Due to the materials used, the illustration uses a limited colour palette, and I think she has managed to simplify the scene really well, whilst still keeping all of the character and life. More of her work can be found here

Amy Higgins:
This is another one that stood out to me because of the materials used. The illustration has been created using paper …