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Printing Workshops

Etching: I definitely found etching the most difficult process to tackle. I had never done it before and there are a lot of different elements that you need to get right in order to end up with successful prints, and if something goes wrong along the way there is no going back and you may not get the result you wanted. I found the process a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be (lots of cleaning, polishing and cleaning again!). However I did enjoy the process and I learned a lot. I am not entirely happy with my print. This is because I rushed the drawing, as we only had one day to do the whole process, and you can't make a mistake and rub it out when drawing on the etching plate. I now see that the perspective is really wrong on the drawing, and so if I did etching again, I would make sure that my drawing was strong before I went into the studio so that my final prints would be better. 

Screen printing: Screen printing was probably one of my favourite processes. I had ne…

A Day in Old Spitalfields Market

I really enjoy drawing from observation, and Spitalfields Market is such an interesting place to observe. Usually I find drawing people quite difficult, but this task helped me to be less precious about my drawings, and instead get any details I can down in my sketchbook. I found that using a brush pen was really effective because it glides across the page smoothly, which is helpful when needing to draw quickly. The market was so fascinating, hearing people's stories, looking at the objects on sale. I found the people the most interesting part of the market. You could sense the amount of experience they have, and the love that they have for what they do. The stallholder I decided to focus on was very friendly, and everyone seemed to know him and his sense of humour. He came and spoke to me a couple of times about his time on the market and who I should look out for. It was great to hear first hand what it was like to be a stallholder in such a famous market. The customers were als…

Palimpsest project - Inspiration

Lucille Clerc:
Lucille Clerc has recently created a book called 'Flip Fashion', which is in the same format as I would like my zine to be when finished. I would really like to create a book with cuts in each page, so that they can be turned separately, allowing the characters to be mixed up. This will then help me to represent the diversity of Old Spitalfields Market. 
Looking at Lucille Clerc's book, I really like the way that the characters are all very different, and yet the drawings line up perfectly. The illustrations are not really simple, however they still match up, allowing the format of the book to work.

Alice Pattullo:
I saw a book that Alice Pattullo had illustrated, in connection with Design For Today at the London Illustration Fair. This was just before the last workshop of the Spitalfields project. I loved all of her work, however the idea of a book that you could interact with and create your own charact…