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Mind the Gap No 78

London Transport Museum and The AOI often run a competition culminating in an exhibition at London Transport Museum. I went to the exhibition last year, and decided to keep an eye on when the next competition opened. I have enjoyed illustrating London in the past, because it's a topic that's so familiar to me, and it's easy to go and find inspiration. The brief for the competition was 'London Stories'. The story could be true or fictional, big or small. Whilst looking online for interesting facts and stories, I started looking at old newspaper articles. I found a story about a man who drove his double decker bus over the gap between Tower Bridge. This story stuck in my head and so I decided to illustrate it. Telling a whole story in one image can be a challenge, so I wanted a story that wasn't too complicated, and this seemed right. 

I used my iPad to make some quick sketches to work out what kind of composition I wanted, and collected some images for reference.…