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Subject Object - Photoshop

I decided to use Photoshop to create my final poster. I chose this because it meant that I could develop my skills learned in the digital media workshop. Using Photoshop also meant that I could quickly make small changes, such as colour, font, size etc, which really helped me when developing my final poster. 

I am quite happy with my final poster. I took inspiration from TFL posters, which use bold shapes and colours. In one of my variations, I used a very similar font to the Johnston font used by TFL, in an attempt to make my poster look like a TFL poster. However if you look closely, you can see subtle differences, such as a question mark on the end of TFL's slogan (Every Journey Matters), and the train destination is 'nowhere'. In my other variation, I used the font that I produced during and after the typography workshop. I used the London Underground logo to draw around, creating each letter from the iconic shape. I also took inspiration from the 'I Want Out' p…

Subject Object - Typography Workshop

The task was to create a new font using objects related to our subject matter. As my subject matter is the current tube strikes on the London Underground, I decided to bring objects such as:
my Oyster card
train tickets
newspapers collected on the train
leaflets from the station
a piece of string with a knot in it to symbolise tension and the service disruption
scissors and a craft knife to represent the job cuts
headphones (which many people use on the train) 

I used a variety of techniques to create my alphabet. I really enjoyed this approach to dealing with typography because it was less conventional than perhaps a graphic designer would approach designing a font. It made the task a lot more exciting, and it was a method that I would perhaps like to use again in future projects. My favourite methods were probably printing with the edge of a train ticket and using the London Underground symbol I had cut out to draw round for each letter. I decided to continue working on my alphabet after th…

Artist Talk - Sophie Demay

I went to an artist talk led by graphic designer Sophie Demay. I found it quite difficult to connect with the work she was showing us, as it was mainly exploring layouts and type. However a project she showed us entitled 'Facing Pages' really caught my attention. It was a film by James Langdon and Stuart Whips, exploring the idea of how a double page spread in a book can be used to an artist's advantage. It explores the ways that double pages can be used to create a narrative and even to make a social comment. The film also looks at the composition of the pages, and the idea of making use of the edge of the page. 

I found this part of the talk really interesting. It made me consider how I can use this idea in my own work. When making books before, I haven't really considered the relationship between two facing pages, and how they can be used together to strengthen the narrative. 

An extract from the film 'Facing Pages' can be found here.

Drawing Workshops

Camberwell special collection workshop It made me think differently about objects in museums. Being able to handle some objects was really interesting as we could look at the object at any angle and feel the weight of the object and the texture of the surface. I found the drawing exercises quite fun and my drawings look quite different. I enjoyed thinking of words to describe an object, then drawing based on each word. This is a method I think would be useful in future projects, particularly when developing ideas. I found drawing from descriptions given by others really difficult. It was particularly difficult when someone was describing their object for me to draw, especially when English might not be their first language. It was a bit easier to describe the object to someone else, as I could see the object, look at it from every angle, and feel its weight and texture. 
Using water based materials workshop Although it was only a short workshop, I think it helped to refresh my skills usi…

Workshop with KIN Design - Brean Sands Drawing Trip Finale

Workshop with KIN Design
The task was to choose one of the tasks completed in Brean Sands, and turn it into a performance piece by the end of the day. Our group decided to choose 'recreate an artwork', using the drawing I had done of the tacky artwork we all had in our bedrooms when staying at Pontins during the trip.
Our idea was based on having the elephant as our main character, and our performance being a monologue. We wanted to explore the idea of the elephant being trapped in Pontins forever, thinking about what he sees and how he feels. We did this by making a 2D elephant out of cardboard, making sure to add in all the details such as the black cartoon outline. To bring the character to life, we made adjustable eyes by having the black pupils of the eyes on sticks, which we poked through the cardboard. This meant that we were able to move the eyes from behind, making the elephant character come to life rather than just a still image. 

For the performance, we had two people…