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Workshop with KIN Design - Brean Sands Drawing Trip Finale

Workshop with KIN Design

The task was to choose one of the tasks completed in Brean Sands, and turn it into a performance piece by the end of the day. Our group decided to choose 'recreate an artwork', using the drawing I had done of the tacky artwork we all had in our bedrooms when staying at Pontins during the trip.

Our idea was based on having the elephant as our main character, and our performance being a monologue. We wanted to explore the idea of the elephant being trapped in Pontins forever, thinking about what he sees and how he feels. We did this by making a 2D elephant out of cardboard, making sure to add in all the details such as the black cartoon outline. To bring the character to life, we made adjustable eyes by having the black pupils of the eyes on sticks, which we poked through the cardboard. This meant that we were able to move the eyes from behind, making the elephant character come to life rather than just a still image. 

For the performance, we had two people in our group sit behind the elephant, one controlling the eyes, and the other had their hands through the cardboard, acting as the elephants hands and holding a bunch of flowers, which can be seen in the painting in Pontins. A third member of our group became the voice of the elephant. 

We had the idea to transform the stage of the lecture theatre into a Pontins bedroom, with the elephant looking over the bed, however we found that this was too ambitious in the time that we had, and so we simplified it by hinting at the ideas of the bedroom, by making a bedside lamp and some pillows. 

Our final performance was a monologue, completely improvised by one of our group members, as the elephants eyes and hands reacted to what it was saying. 

Here is a link to our final performance, entitled 'The Elephant in the Room'.