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Artist Talk - Sophie Demay

I went to an artist talk led by graphic designer Sophie Demay. I found it quite difficult to connect with the work she was showing us, as it was mainly exploring layouts and type. However a project she showed us entitled 'Facing Pages' really caught my attention. It was a film by James Langdon and Stuart Whips, exploring the idea of how a double page spread in a book can be used to an artist's advantage. It explores the ways that double pages can be used to create a narrative and even to make a social comment. The film also looks at the composition of the pages, and the idea of making use of the edge of the page. 

I found this part of the talk really interesting. It made me consider how I can use this idea in my own work. When making books before, I haven't really considered the relationship between two facing pages, and how they can be used together to strengthen the narrative. 

An extract from the film 'Facing Pages' can be found here.