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Biography - Reflection

Now I have finished my animation, I have a chance to look back and reflect on my work. 

When the project first started, I was happy with the concept of getting given a person and exploring their life through illustration. However when I chose Allan Wexler at random, I was a bit confused because I had no idea who he was. After looking him up quickly, I realised that there wasn't much information about his life, as even his biography page on his website is very brief. Therefore I found the beginning of the research stage quite difficult. Once I found out more and more about his work and his concepts, I started to get more interested in the project. 

Leading up to, and during the Easter holidays, I was struggling to come up with an idea for my final outcome. I looked back at my work, and felt that an animation using my collages as inspiration would be an exciting way to develop a narrative. I spoke to Noel in my tutorial and used the workshops to help me develop my narrative into a rou…

Bookbinding Workshop with John Bentley

Since foundation, I have been interested in making books by hand. I found it really helpful to learn the proper techniques during this workshop with John, although it was very short. The examples that John showed us were all very different, and it showed me how many different ways there are to bind a book. I liked looking at the less conventional ones, such as pop up books and books in a box. Although I am not making a book for my final outcome of my biography project, I feel that the methods will definitely  help me in later projects. Also, I have considered making up a book and using stills from my animation, which I hope I will have time to make. 

During the workshop, I made two types of book - one with two separate covers that bend, and one with a proper spine.

Biography - Animation Prep

The preparation for the animation has taken longer than anticipated, however by spending more time on making sure everything is organised, it should help me when it comes to putting it all into after effects. After speaking to a digital media technician and Noel, I have decided to use after effects, and scan in all of the shapes that I have been cutting out. I have made sure to keep all of the pieces organised in a display book. On my laptop, I have named all of the separate layers correctly, and saved each scene/set of parts separately, which means that I will be able to import the files easily into after effects. Although the deadline is approaching very quickly, I think I should have enough time to complete, as quite a few of the actions in my animation are repeated, and so once I animate the action once, I can copy and paste the key frames quickly.
One issue I have discovered is being careful when scanning. I was advised to scan using black paper as a background, so that I could ea…