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Biography - Reflection

Now I have finished my animation, I have a chance to look back and reflect on my work. 

When the project first started, I was happy with the concept of getting given a person and exploring their life through illustration. However when I chose Allan Wexler at random, I was a bit confused because I had no idea who he was. After looking him up quickly, I realised that there wasn't much information about his life, as even his biography page on his website is very brief. Therefore I found the beginning of the research stage quite difficult. Once I found out more and more about his work and his concepts, I started to get more interested in the project. 

Leading up to, and during the Easter holidays, I was struggling to come up with an idea for my final outcome. I looked back at my work, and felt that an animation using my collages as inspiration would be an exciting way to develop a narrative. I spoke to Noel in my tutorial and used the workshops to help me develop my narrative into a rough storyboard. 

Once I started animating, I was really enjoying the project. Although it takes a long time, animation is rewarding because you can instantly watch your work back, and you can see something moving that originally didn't exist at all. I enjoyed using After Effects, and my skills using the software have developed a lot during this project. I am excited to use these skills in future projects. 

Ideally, I would have liked more time to make a book using my animation stills, as I have had this idea ever since I started animating, and Noel mentioned it in a tutorial after watching my animation in progress. However, I knew that I needed to focus my energy on the animation, to make sure that it was the best it could be. I didn't want to divide my attention and make a book and an animation that I wasn't happy with. I may still make a book, however it will be a quick book, not the high quality book I have pictured in my head. (I imagined lots of different methods of binding, one of which involved using wood as covers and binding it with bolts and hinges, which would fit with my project really well. However I know I don't have time to achieve this). I may still make one during the summer holidays.