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World Illustration Awards 2017 - Somerset House

I visited the World Illustration Awards exhibition at Somerset House to get some well-needed inspiration. It was great to see the work of successful illustrators in the industry at this time. I found it inspiring for the future. Although the exhibition was small, it was great to see the different categories, such as advertising, self-initiated, books and editorial for example. One thing I noticed was that quite a lot of the illustrations were done digitally. Also, there were a few animations, which was exciting to see as its something that I have started to become interested in. I would like to learn more about digital illustration, as it is an area that I haven't practiced very much. 

These are a few of the artists that caught my attention the most:

Nina Chakrabarti
I really like Nina's style of drawing, particularly in her book 'Hello Nature' which won her an award in the Professional category for Books. I really like her use of colour, using black and white and one col…

Creative Media Camp - Canon and Ideas Foundation

As an outreach student ambassador, I sometimes get opportunities to work with young people who hope to go on to study a creative subject at university. I really enjoy working at these events, and sometimes I get to join in with their projects or create work of my own. The latest job - working at a Creative Media Camp run by Canon and the Ideas Foundation - was a great opportunity for me to learn and practice whilst working and helping out. 

The project they were given was to make a video and create a brand identity/agency in groups. These videos were based on one of Canon's sustainable development goals, such as poverty, health and sustainable cities. Canon were hoping that these videos would have the potential to go viral and spread the messages the students were trying to convey. My job as an ambassador was to support the students with technical help and ideas, as well as showing them what it was like to study at UAL. 

Throughout the week, in addition to helping the students, I al…