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World Illustration Awards 2017 - Somerset House

I visited the World Illustration Awards exhibition at Somerset House to get some well-needed inspiration. It was great to see the work of successful illustrators in the industry at this time. I found it inspiring for the future. Although the exhibition was small, it was great to see the different categories, such as advertising, self-initiated, books and editorial for example. One thing I noticed was that quite a lot of the illustrations were done digitally. Also, there were a few animations, which was exciting to see as its something that I have started to become interested in. I would like to learn more about digital illustration, as it is an area that I haven't practiced very much. 

These are a few of the artists that caught my attention the most:

Nina Chakrabarti
I really like Nina's style of drawing, particularly in her book 'Hello Nature' which won her an award in the Professional category for Books. I really like her use of colour, using black and white and one colour on each page. Also, I like her use of text alongside her drawings, and the layout of the pages. Some pages have a lot of text, whereas others have limited text and more drawings, which reminds me of a sketchbook. 

Sam Pierpoint
Sam's work caught my attention because it wasn't a drawing. His work was a series of photos of his 3D paper illustrations created to use as labels for wine bottles. Not only did the form attract me, but the use of colour too. Each wine label has a set colour palette, and each one is different from the next. I have always been interested in paper cutting, but these illustrations are very different to what I have seen before. 

Marguerite Carnec
Her work stood out for me because of the scale of each piece, and the contrast in tone. She created these pieces depicting the Calais Jungle using a form of mono printing. The contrast between the dark and light areas makes the detail in these illustrations really stand out. Also, finding out she is BA Illustration graduate of Camberwell made me happy because she is clearly doing well, and managed to win the Editorial New Talent category with her self-initiated project.