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Creative Media Camp 2018 - Canon and Ideas Foundation

Whilst working as an outreach ambassador for UAL, I was fortunate enough to get asked again to make a short film for Canon and Ideas Foundation, showing some behind the scenes footage of the Creative Media Camp hosted at Chelsea. I worked at the 2017 Creative Media Camp, and it was a great experience to be able to return again this year and make another film. 

I spent the whole week filming and taking photos, and by the end of the week I was the photographer at Canon HQ for the pitches and the announcement of the winner. I really enjoyed being able to practice editing a film.

It was rewarding to be given so much freedom and trust. The mentors running the workshop gave me complete creative freedom, and trusted me to be able to get it done in time to show at the end of the week. Once the film was completed, they wanted to be surprised and so didn't watch the film themselves until it was shown to everyone at Canon HQ. It was amazing to be trusted so much with it. I really enjoyed the p…

Working at Summer School

As an outreach ambassador, I often work at workshops run by UAL Insights, including summer school. It's always an enjoyable experience, and I often come away having learned a lot and feeling inspired to create. I enjoy getting the chance to work with students who will eventually be applying to university. From experience, I know how valuable it can be to hear first hand what the experience of applying and actually being at university is like, so I find it rewarding to be able to offer my advice. 

This year's summer school was slightly different, more focused on graphic design (with small elements of illustration) rather than equally weighted. I was asked to help out for a couple of days to push the illustration side. Although of course graphic design and illustration do overlap considerably, some students felt the illustration side was a bit lacking, and so I stepped in to help answer questions about studying illustration. 

Photography and Long Exposure Workshop
My first day was …