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Ghost Post - Collage workshop

I really enjoyed the collage workshop. I found it useful as it helped me to get my ideas out of my head and onto a page quickly, rather than thinking too much beforehand. This is a method I like to use in my work, especially recently because I have started to enjoy using collage as a big part of my working practice. It also helped me to keep my ideas fairly simple. Working on a small scale means that you must avoid trying to overcrowd or complicate the image, as it will become unclear. The workshop helped me to make sure my ideas were simple and clear. 
I chose to use orange for the coral, as it would contrast with the blue of the sea the most. I wanted to try and portray the process of the coral changing colour, and I made 18 designs using this idea. I used my resources well, and used the offcuts of paper that had a nice coral shape for some of the collages. I didn't consider where the Queen's head would go, or the price. I also didn't consider if I wanted any text. 
I like…

Ghost Post - Inspiration

David Gentleman - Battle of Britain
I like his collaged composition tests for stamps, as he is able to simplify the imagery into recognisable shapes and colours that work well, creating dynamic compositions. 

David Hockney - Commemoration of the European Single Market 1992
This stamp stood out for me because of the colour and shapes. It looks like it is based on an underwater theme, rather than the European Single Market. I like the simple colours and texture used. 

Lucien De Roeck - Brussels Expo 1958 I really like the dynamic composition of this stamp. The stars get larger as they go up the stamp, and the colour change links to my project. 

Constantine Competition

It was a great experience to work with a brief that wasn't set as part of my course, as it was a chance for me to follow a brief set by someone externally. Constantine set a competition brief to create a design that would be printed onto tote bags for them to give to their clients for Christmas. 
I found it a bit difficult because the design could only be one colour, and I knew it would need to be bold and eye-catching to work well on a tote bag. Also, the theme of 'movement' is extremely broad! 
I looked at their Instagram for inspiration, and I was drawn to a photo of lots of different brackets and hooks. I liked this image because the brackets are extremely vital parts of the work Constantine do, and yet they don't often get seen. I also liked the slightly weird shapes, and so I focused my design around these. 
I didn't win the competition, however my work was shortlisted for future use with my permission, which I was happy about. Here is my final design:

Fact Film Project - Film Reviews

'Bioluminescence' by Molly Benge
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the deep oceans? 'Bioluminescence' offers an insight into the glowing world of the strangest sea creatures, making you feel as though you are in an underwater disco full of colour and light. 

'Colour Transmission' by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Bold and bright, 'Colour Transmission' is filled with colour. The combination of movement and music perfectly timed will leave you with an urge to watch it again.  

'Freedom 2.2' by Weronika Szymanek
Freedom 2.2 explores the scary world we call the internet, and gives an insight into the terrifying future of technology in the wrong hands. 
'Gone' by Rosie Savage
A dynamic film filled with drama and suspense, 'Gone' is a film that definitely leaves an impact. 

'Warehouse Robot' by Yue Pan
'Warehouse Robot' will open your eyes to the world of automation and robotics in the workplace. Hypnotic and mesmerising, it will l…

Fact Film Project - pop up cinema

Part of the brief was to think about how we could display our films creatively and professionally by making it into more of an event. Naomi and I decided to create a pop up cinema to show our films, as we thought that they should be viewed on a large scale. Some people showed their films on their laptop, exploring subjects such as the internet. However because my film is about solar power and the sky, I thought that it should be viewed on a large scale. 

Originally, we thought we had to be set up in time for the beginning of the studio session, and so we arrived early and hired a projector to set up our cinema. However, we actually had more time, and so we had a chance to make it into more of an event. Other people joined us, and overall there were 13 films showing in our cinema, which was really fun and it felt like a proper event. As a group, we managed to work together fairly effectively. Even though it was Naomi and I who set up the cinema, once people realised, they wanted to get …

World Without Strangers Exhibition

The 'World Without Strangers' exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts Cookhouse Gallery celebrated the winning designs of the Giordano t-shirt design competition, including the work of my friends Naomi and Celine. It was lovely to see their work in the context of the design, actually on a t-shirt! It was great to be able to go along and support my friends, as well as seeing the other winning designs. 

Fact Film project - first crit

After the screening, I was really inspired to start making a film. During the summer, I taught myself how to use Premiere during the Creative Media Camp I worked at as an outreach ambassador, and so I can use these skills to help me in this project. However this project is different, due to the requirement to use found imagery. I think that using found imagery makes the project different and interesting, because you have to search for the right clips/images to use, rather than having the full control of being able to film them yourself.

In the first crit, one week after the project started, we had to present a 20 second film, showing our idea/concept and use of editing. I found it really difficult to fit an idea into 20 seconds, and the footage I wanted was hard to find. Although I had to remember that the first film is just a 'sketch' rather than a final piece. My idea was to show the process of solar energy, and how it can be used in our homes through the use of solar panels.…