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Constantine Competition

It was a great experience to work with a brief that wasn't set as part of my course, as it was a chance for me to follow a brief set by someone externally. Constantine set a competition brief to create a design that would be printed onto tote bags for them to give to their clients for Christmas. 

I found it a bit difficult because the design could only be one colour, and I knew it would need to be bold and eye-catching to work well on a tote bag. Also, the theme of 'movement' is extremely broad! 

I looked at their Instagram for inspiration, and I was drawn to a photo of lots of different brackets and hooks. I liked this image because the brackets are extremely vital parts of the work Constantine do, and yet they don't often get seen. I also liked the slightly weird shapes, and so I focused my design around these. 

I didn't win the competition, however my work was shortlisted for future use with my permission, which I was happy about. Here is my final design: