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Fact Film Project - pop up cinema

Part of the brief was to think about how we could display our films creatively and professionally by making it into more of an event. Naomi and I decided to create a pop up cinema to show our films, as we thought that they should be viewed on a large scale. Some people showed their films on their laptop, exploring subjects such as the internet. However because my film is about solar power and the sky, I thought that it should be viewed on a large scale. 

Originally, we thought we had to be set up in time for the beginning of the studio session, and so we arrived early and hired a projector to set up our cinema. However, we actually had more time, and so we had a chance to make it into more of an event. Other people joined us, and overall there were 13 films showing in our cinema, which was really fun and it felt like a proper event. As a group, we managed to work together fairly effectively. Even though it was Naomi and I who set up the cinema, once people realised, they wanted to get involved and help out too. Some people went away to make and print tickets for our cinema entry, some made a list of the films in order of viewing, and others went to buy popcorn or get comfy cushions/blankets from home. My job was to work out the reel of our films. Everyone transferred a copy of their film to my laptop, which was plugged into the projector, and I managed to put them in order and add space in between, with an old cinema style countdown at the beginning. 

I think that the event was a success. Everything came together at the end, and people seemed to enjoy sitting and watching our films in our pop up cinema. I really enjoyed making the screening into an event, as it didn't actually feel like a crit. It made me realise that presenting our work doesn't have to be boring, and we can find creative ways to do it. We also need to think about how our work looks in a professional way, thinking about documenting our events. I would like to do more things like this. I had discussions with the tutors and a couple of other students, and people seemed interested in doing more things like this, such as screenings where we can make posters and invite people. 

I really enjoyed this project, and I am fairly happy with my final film. Watching everyone's final films, people made so many improvements in their films, whether it be the imagery, the sound or the pacing. I am interested in moving image, and I would like to continue making films or animations as part of my practice.