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Fact Film Project - Film Reviews

'Bioluminescence' by Molly Benge
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the deep oceans? 'Bioluminescence' offers an insight into the glowing world of the strangest sea creatures, making you feel as though you are in an underwater disco full of colour and light. 

'Colour Transmission' by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Bold and bright, 'Colour Transmission' is filled with colour. The combination of movement and music perfectly timed will leave you with an urge to watch it again.  

'Freedom 2.2' by Weronika Szymanek
Freedom 2.2 explores the scary world we call the internet, and gives an insight into the terrifying future of technology in the wrong hands. 

'Gone' by Rosie Savage
A dynamic film filled with drama and suspense, 'Gone' is a film that definitely leaves an impact. 

'Warehouse Robot' by Yue Pan
'Warehouse Robot' will open your eyes to the world of automation and robotics in the workplace. Hypnotic and mesmerising, it will leave you thinking about the future.