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Fact Film project - first crit

After the screening, I was really inspired to start making a film. During the summer, I taught myself how to use Premiere during the Creative Media Camp I worked at as an outreach ambassador, and so I can use these skills to help me in this project. However this project is different, due to the requirement to use found imagery. I think that using found imagery makes the project different and interesting, because you have to search for the right clips/images to use, rather than having the full control of being able to film them yourself.

In the first crit, one week after the project started, we had to present a 20 second film, showing our idea/concept and use of editing. I found it really difficult to fit an idea into 20 seconds, and the footage I wanted was hard to find. Although I had to remember that the first film is just a 'sketch' rather than a final piece. My idea was to show the process of solar energy, and how it can be used in our homes through the use of solar panels. In my video, I focused mostly on the sky and the sun shining on the panel. I like to use texture in my work, and I found the texture of the solar panel to be interesting. 

However I also wanted to look at how solar power is used in a home, but I wasn't sure how to achieve this without using the obvious. I decided to just use the switches and the motion of flicking a switch, but I had to do it in a literal way. For my final film, I would like to move away a bit from the more literal, and instead try to show this idea in a different way. I was very unsure about the audio too.

I found it really useful to get feedback during the crit. People said that there felt like two halves of my film, one half being the blue tones, sky, textures and the sun all fading in and out, and the other half being the switches and fuse boxes, with warmer tones. People seemed to prefer the more fluid, blue tone side, and the imagery I had chosen. I would like to explore this side more, using transitions that blend throughout the film maybe. George said a point that I hadn't thought of yet, which was that solar power and how the solar panel works is such an invisible process, we just see the sunlight hitting the panel, not what happens underneath. I quite like this idea that it is a mystery, and I think the blended imagery could work well to portray this. 

Watching other people's films was even more interesting, as everyone had taken a different approach to the task, and there were lots of different methods of editing and transitions used. I saw a lot of effects that I would like to capture and use in a film, but may not necessarily work for this film, but I will keep them in mind for next time. For example in Josh's film 'Waves', I liked his use of small frames of video footage, and the composition of them. They moved around with the music too, which I thought was really effective. I liked his colour palette too, which was similar to mine, but he had used a tiny bit of red to break it up. I also liked Naomi's film 'Colour'. I liked the way she planned her composition and transitions. For example, when the quote came up at the start, she faded it to black, but left one word on screen, which then blended into the next scene, where there was a lamp with almost white light in exactly the same place. I think that this helped to create a seamless flow of imagery. There were elements to Fran's film 'Silk Worms' that I would like to use in my work in the future. I liked her strong, and very limited colour palette, and the way she used smaller frame sizes on her footage, allowing more than one video to play at the same time. I think that this is a good way to get lots of information into a film, however you need to be careful about not overwhelming the viewer. 

I plan to continue working on my film, by making it longer and trying to continue with one style and colour palette. I think I need to look for more imagery/video footage.