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Ghost Post - Collage workshop

I really enjoyed the collage workshop. I found it useful as it helped me to get my ideas out of my head and onto a page quickly, rather than thinking too much beforehand. This is a method I like to use in my work, especially recently because I have started to enjoy using collage as a big part of my working practice. It also helped me to keep my ideas fairly simple. Working on a small scale means that you must avoid trying to overcrowd or complicate the image, as it will become unclear. The workshop helped me to make sure my ideas were simple and clear. 

I chose to use orange for the coral, as it would contrast with the blue of the sea the most. I wanted to try and portray the process of the coral changing colour, and I made 18 designs using this idea. I used my resources well, and used the offcuts of paper that had a nice coral shape for some of the collages. I didn't consider where the Queen's head would go, or the price. I also didn't consider if I wanted any text. 

I liked the collages I produced, and they really helped me to work out what I wanted to show. Looking back, I think it might have been useful to make a couple that were the actual size of the stamp we will be making, as it would have helped me see if the design worked on a tiny scale. I did do this on the computer, by scanning them in afterwards. I think it might have been useful to consider typography and the Queen's head graphic, maybe by considering the placement and size of them, so that I could work my design around it rather than it being added at the last minute. 

Painting the ones I preferred helped me to see the stamp on a larger scale. However, I felt that my designs looked a bit plain. I would change this by adding some texture, and adding the caption, Queen's head and price would make the image look less plain and simple. It was really nice to see everyone's designs around the studio, and to look at how their designs changed from collage to paint. However, it might be beneficial to have a simple design, as it will work better on the smaller scale. 

I plan to continue exploring the second image I painted, however using collage again. I will probably scan in my collage textures, and make the image up in Photoshop and Illustrator, so that I have more control over colour, opacity, size etc. I would like to make some mock up designs in Illustrator, to see them at the correct size, and make small changes to each to see which one I prefer.