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Biography - Animation Prep

The preparation for the animation has taken longer than anticipated, however by spending more time on making sure everything is organised, it should help me when it comes to putting it all into after effects. After speaking to a digital media technician and Noel, I have decided to use after effects, and scan in all of the shapes that I have been cutting out. I have made sure to keep all of the pieces organised in a display book. On my laptop, I have named all of the separate layers correctly, and saved each scene/set of parts separately, which means that I will be able to import the files easily into after effects. Although the deadline is approaching very quickly, I think I should have enough time to complete, as quite a few of the actions in my animation are repeated, and so once I animate the action once, I can copy and paste the key frames quickly.

One issue I have discovered is being careful when scanning. I was advised to scan using black paper as a background, so that I could easily cut out my shapes in Photoshop, however as a lot of my shapes are grey and white, this didn't work very well. I have found that for any coloured pieces (blue and yellow particularly), if I use black as the background, I can easily cut them out. However for the other colours (mainly grey/black), I have found that using a bright colour such as green works really effectively. 

Learning about how much preparation goes into the animation before you even start to animate was really insightful. This process will really help me in future projects, as I know how much planning needs to go into making an animation, and how much time it takes. 

I have also made sure to test a scene of my animation. I chose the clock scene because it is very simple to animate. I mainly wanted to see what it would look like using the textures, and I feel that it is really effective. I look forward to seeing what the other scenes look like once animated. 

I have used after effects before, however I have been looking at references/tutorials that Joh gave us in the animation workshop. E.g.