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Palimpsest project - Inspiration

Lucille Clerc:
Lucille Clerc has recently created a book called 'Flip Fashion', which is in the same format as I would like my zine to be when finished. I would really like to create a book with cuts in each page, so that they can be turned separately, allowing the characters to be mixed up. This will then help me to represent the diversity of Old Spitalfields Market. 
Looking at Lucille Clerc's book, I really like the way that the characters are all very different, and yet the drawings line up perfectly. The illustrations are not really simple, however they still match up, allowing the format of the book to work.

Alice Pattullo:
I saw a book that Alice Pattullo had illustrated, in connection with Design For Today at the London Illustration Fair. This was just before the last workshop of the Spitalfields project. I loved all of her work, however the idea of a book that you could interact with and create your own characters stayed in my mind, probably because I was thinking about how I could incorporate the Spitalfields Market characters in a zine. I feel that this format will be a good way to create my zine.