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Bedwyr Williams - The Gulch

When visiting the Barbican during the City as Object project, I went to the current exhibition in the Curve Gallery, situated in the Barbican. The exhibition was entitled 'The Gulch' by Bedwyr Williams. It involved going through a series of staged rooms and scenes, each one more confusing and unexpected than the previous. 

I found the exhibition very confusing and disorientating. Navigating through the long sequence of rooms felt a bit like an adventure. I went through the exhibition twice, and I found that the second time, I noticed even more things that I hadn't noticed before. I found this to be such an exciting way to go through an exhibition. Before I went in the exhibition, I had no idea what it was or how long it was, so as I went through each room, it was like discovering a new environment. 

It was very thought-provoking and many questions came to mind: 
where is the end?
where am I?
what will be in the next room?
why is there a singing shoe?
what is behind that curtain?

I also really liked the contrast in the exhibition. Whilst some rooms were strange and unexpected, other rooms were mundane and somewhat familiar. This strengthened the element of confusion and surprise.