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Orientation Project

In groups, we were given areas of London to explore through sketches, notes and collecting found materials. My group spent two afternoons exploring Peckham and Camberwell. This is what I found interesting along the way:

Lunchtime - Camberwell Green
Children laughing and running around, people relaxing in the sun, chatting, birds singing, sirens whizzing past, students enjoying a break, autumn leaves everywhere

Poundland and Bargain Express Store - Camberwell
A sense of order and disorder, chaos, busy shoppers, security men, neon orange price signs, repetition, capri-suns and crocs, fish flip flops

Roman Ondak: The Source of the Art is in the Life of the People - South London Gallery Peckham

Bussey Building

 Dinh Q Le The Colony - Rye Lane Peckham
Film being shown on 5 huge screens, echoes, darkness. When standing in the centre of the space, the surrounding screens make you feel immersed in the film, as if you are standing on top of the cliff. Dizziness and disorientation. 

Clashing colours, empty, almost abandoned, worker seemed relieved to see us walk in, lighting, food and drink

Peckham Pelican

Bar Story - Peckham

Peckham Platform 'Open 16' exhibition

Peckham Platform Printing Activity
In the gallery, there was a small activity area, and we got the chance to print some of the buildings around Peckham. There wasn't much ink or much time, but it was really enjoyable and the gallery assistant was very helpful. It was nice to be able to print some of the buildings that we had been walking past.