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City As Object project - drawings from the Barbican and the RIBA

For this project, we visited both the RIBA and the Barbican to draw on location. On the first day, we were creating drawings based around some prompts (silhouette, texture, shape, infrastructure, type, systems, contrast, line, intersection and pattern. I found these really interesting because they made me look at the environment in a different way, focusing on specific features to draw from. I really enjoyed using a variety of paper to draw on, particularly coloured paper. 

I found the Barbican to be a much more interesting place to draw, because there were lots of different areas, both inside and outside to focus on. These are just a few of the drawings I created. 

Next, I chose to revisit the Barbican. We had to choose a rule to focus on, I decided on only drawing the colour blue. I found it really difficult to decide on a rule at first, but once I had picked one of my ideas and just started drawing, it got easier and by the end of the day I was really enjoying it and it was hard to stop noticing blue in the environment. The more I looked, the more blue I noticed. Someone's rucksack, the sky, a plastic bag, signage, clothing - these were just some of the things that I noticed throughout the day. I had never picked out one colour to draw in a landscape before, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I think it is a method of drawing that I would like to use again because it allowed me to create more abstract drawings that I probably would not have created before. Also, it helped me to focus and notice more elements of the environment that were interesting to draw. Even the most mundane, everyday things became interesting. These are a few of my outcomes.