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Parallel Museum project - Gift Shop

The final workshop in this project was really enjoyable. The idea was to create a set of postcards for a gift shop in our collective imagined museum, using a set of prompts, some of which were very specific, whereas others were very open and vague. 
My favourite postcards are probably the crocodile amulet and the vase. I used found textures in magazines along with coloured paper and card to create my postcards. I like the crocodile postcard because I think he has a lot of character, and I am happy with the colours I chose to use. I am happy with the vase postcard (the prompt was simply 'Vase'). I used a very recognisable shape cut out of a texture from a magazine. I combined this busy texture on a background of two similar bold colours. I feel that this helps to emphasise the vase. I feel that I could improve the other postcards, particularly the ones with white backgrounds, as I feel that they don't quite fit in with the rest of the set. I think I should have also used more found textures in some postcards, rather than just plain paper/card.