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Sketchbooks and Postcards

My final products for the Sell Yourself event are some handmade sketchbooks with unique covers, and some postcards (2 designs). The brief asks for an edition of at least five. I was a bit unsure about this because I wanted my sketchbooks to feel handmade, and so I wanted each cover to be different, but using the same shapes and colours. I liked this idea because I wanted the customer to look at them all and have to choose their favourite, or even buy more than one. I wanted them to feel as though they are getting something unique. 

To make sure I definitely fulfilled the brief, I decided to print some postcards. I handprinted them using foam stamps, however I chose two designs and tried my best to reproduce the same design each time. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to get them looking as close to the same design as possible. Each one is slightly different of course, but that is the nature of printing by hand, but I managed to make them as similar as I could by using a template. When shapes went off the edge of the paper, it was fairly easy to get the stamp in the correct place because I could print the whole stamp onto the postcard with a piece of paper underneath, and then for the next postcard just line up the stamp with the previous mark on the paper underneath. However, when shapes were in the middle, it was more difficult to get them in the same place. 

The sketchbooks were popular and sold out on the day. I have already agreed to make a few extras for friends. After posting a photo of my work on my Instagram, I got some more requests for more sketchbooks, which is really nice. I plan on making some more as soon as I can.