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World Illustration Awards 2018 - Somerset House

The World Illustration Awards is always an exciting exhibition to see, and it came at a time when I was in need of some inspiration. 

Here are some of my highlights:

Owen Davey - 'Facebook Fundraisers'

Magoz - 'Do you have questions? Ask!' and 'Fishing'

I always like looking at how illustrators approach animation. These gifs created by Magoz are creative but convey a simple idea. They inspire me to try creating more short animations, keeping them simple. 

Anthony Zinonos - 'bigSWELL'
His work showed me how powerful collage can be, and the importance of decision making. It made me consider the difference between ripping and cutting paper, and the strength of negative space. 

Loris F Allessandria - 'Adobe - Education Exchange'

Cinyee Chiu - 'Acknowledgement'
I really like the use of texture in this animation. It reminded me of the kind of work I want to create. I enjoy using texture in my work, and creating animations is something that I am enjoying more and more.