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Sell Yourself at Artist Run

The build up to the event was busy as usual. There were so many things to organise and check, and we wanted to make the event as good as possible! 

Setting up in the venue went well, with the curation team organising it. They had decided the layout of the space the day before, which made it so much easier. Of course there were a few last minute issues, like going out to buy a few things we suddenly needed, or more people arriving with work. It was great to finally see the space (other than in photos), and see everyone's work together. Promotion in the surrounding area seemed strong and we noticed quite a few posters on the way to the venue. And whilst setting up, we already had people passing by, asking what was going on. 

The event was incredibly busy, and the weather stayed nice! There was a moment mid afternoon when it started to get quiet, but as soon as the free drinks appeared we got very busy again. It was much busier than we expected, and we made more money than expected too. 

One problem we had during the day was price changes. People seemed to not understand that we needed to know if they changed their prices, and instead were changing the labels but not telling us, so we couldn't update the price list. We had made it clear that we needed prices the day before, and yet some people didn't decide until the day, or even wanted to change them during the event, which made our job so much harder! 

Another problem was the amount of people working hard. Quite a few people were keen to stick around all day and do as much as possible to help, particularly the curation and finance teams, however other people didn't help much at all. The same people set up the venue, ran the show, and then cleared up at the end. It would have been nice to have a larger team effort, but everyone who got involved worked well together. It's usually the same people helping out, so I suppose it was to be expected that this would happen. Although it was a really long day, the event was still enjoyable and we are happy with what we managed to organise. The promotion was stronger than the event for the last project, as the poster got organised early, and it was a much better venue with a larger footfall. 

Setting up the venue:

Open for Business!