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PITCH was an inter-disciplinary design event at Old Spitalfields Market, curated by first year design students from Camberwell. It focused on environment, narrative, interaction and exchange, attempting to reimagine the marketplace. 

This event is a result of a growing relationship between the market and Camberwell College of Arts, which was established from the event we organised and ran last year, Spitalfields Illustrated. I really enjoyed being a part of the organisation of the event last year, and it taught me a lot about how to plan events, sell work and how to collaborate and lead a team. It was a great experience to be able to return to the market as part of this larger event, organised by first years. It was nice to take a step back on the organisation side, and just enjoy selling work and interacting with the public. Although, I did get involved with the running of the outlet stalls at the event, and organising the money after. I always enjoy this part, and it was rewarding to be able to teach the first years about how to sell their work and organise a shop. 

I also got the chance to enjoy the rest of the event. The workshops were imaginative and engaging (who doesn't love free art?!). I surprised by the ambition of some people's projects, for example a couple of working games. I was very impressed with the branding and promotion for the event. The graphics created for the branding were bold and full of character, and the colour palette was one of my favourites. For a first year event, I was very impressed.