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More animation inspiration

Uncle Ginger - What is Bipolar Disorder?
I saw this animation on Facebook, posted by It's Nice That, and it stuck in my head. They have cleverly used simple shapes and movements to visually explore a dense, difficult topic. The pastel colours are calming, and the simple geometric shapes are used to represent people and their feelings. 

It is clear that Oskar Fischinger was influential in their style choices. They have used music combined with movement and graphic shapes to capture the viewers attention. I think that it is a good way to depict such a big topic. 

Similar to the RSA brief, they started off with the audio, and had to tackle how to convey the same message using visuals to complement the audio. They have chosen a less literal approach, using graphic shapes to symbolise elements of the audio. My animation is going to be more literal, however I would like to try a more abstract animation in the future, using animations such as this and Oskar Fischinger as inspiration. 

More of Uncle Ginger's work can be found here

Similarities can be seen between this animation and that of Oskar Fischinger: