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Lucinda Rogers 'On Gentrification' at House of Illustration

I have admired Lucinda Roger's work for a while now. I really like her use of varied line weights and small hints of colour to emphasise certain aspects of busy scenes. She manages to capture so many details whilst drawing from life in busy public places. Hearing her talk about her work at Chelsea during first year made me even more interested in her work and her approach to reportage. Getting to see her work in person at House of Illustration was inspiring, as I didn't realise the scale of some her work. 

This exhibition focuses on the topic of gentrification, particularly focused on Ridley Road Market. It is an area that is under a period of huge change and threat. Lucinda has used her work to help campaign against the loss of areas like this. At the exhibition, I saw some pieces she had done in a campaign to help save Old Spitalfields Market. Looking at these, and reading about her overcoming the struggles of drawing in a busy market scene reminded me of our project in Old Spitalfields Market last year. Being able (to an extent) to understand how hard it is to draw in a busy, cold place makes her drawings so much more powerful and inspiring. She cleverly picks out certain colours or shapes to emphasise and spend more time capturing, such as the multiples of stock found on market stalls, or noticing patterns and colours. Some of the drawings really reminded me of Peckham, particularly some of the market stalls and a store with nets hanging outside.