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Competition Project - Crit Feedback and Next Steps

Although we didn't need to have the final outcome finished for the crit, I wanted to get my animation as close as possible to its finished state, so that I could make the most of the feedback I received. I have been working a lot on the animation, trying to get as many scenes finished or close to being finished as possible. In the crit, I presented a nearly finished animation, however the first and last scene weren't completed. I also had a list of things I wanted to alter/change before I actually received feedback, as I had noticed issues such as the walk cycle in the last scene, and the gym scene not looking enough like a gym. 

Feedback from the crit:

  • Adapt the walk cycle slightly in the last scene - at the moment she is sliding a bit
  • Gym scene - change the colour of the water bottle as it could look like ketchup out of the fridge - make it look more like the gym (could just be a poster in the background)
  • Finish first scene
  • Alarm clock scene - when she talks about sleep, could play with day/night - use background/sun/moon. 
  • Have a look at Easy Ease (maybe just for next time)

It was really interesting to hear feedback, especially as some of the things I wanted to go back and change slightly no one picked up on/mentioned, which made me realise that they aren't very big issues, and I could probably change them if I have time rather than them being a priority. Most of the feedback I had already noticed myself, especially the sliding walk cycle. However I didn't even think about the red water bottle looking like ketchup, so I definitely plan to change that. 

I enjoyed seeing other people's work, especially the other animations. It was interesting to see other people's animations who are doing the same brief as me, and to look at how they have approached the same audio differently. 

Before assessment, I plan to finish to my animation, and to make the changes suggested in the crit and the changes I already wanted to make. It felt good to get some good feedback on my animation, and how much I had managed to complete in the short amount of time. I have been working really hard to get it as finished as possible. I think with practice, I am getting more confident and quicker at using After Effects. The Allan Wexler animation I made at the end of first year probably took a lot longer than this one, as I have gotten quicker at using After Effects. I would like to continue using animation in my work in the future.