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Animation Inspiration

Body Memory - Gyuri Cloe Lee
This animation is a combination of small animations, and cleverly makes use of repetition and simple imagery to create an animation almost resembling a series of gifs. I think its a clever way to make an animation, especially in a limited amount of time. I liked that the imagery didn't always take up the whole screen, and there were clever pauses to allow the viewer to breathe and absorb info. The use of panels and overlaying more than one animation was really interesting. I would like to try and combine more than one composition into a scene of my animation, using split screen/a grid. 

MS Society - Peepshow Collective
I really enjoy looking at the work of tutors/people I know. Luke showed us the animation he worked on as part of Peepshow. It was really useful to see because he explained that they also started of with an audio file, which had a lot of factual info in. Watching the animation, and listening to him talk about the process, I could see that they had cleverly avoided the dry science facts by using metaphors and character based imagery. I liked the combination of texture and line drawings, and the transitions between scenes were very clever. I think I need to consider the transitions in my animation, as its easy to overlook that and focus on the visuals for each scene, but the transitions are just as important, if not more in some cases, as they really help to pace the story and to keep the viewer interested and surprised. 

He explained that it is important to think about what the audio shows and what the visuals need to show - you don't need to visually explain everything! I think I have been focusing on trying to show as much as possible, especially after watching the examples on the RSA website of the RSA shorts series and the past winners/runner ups of the competition.