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Author Movement - Planning and Setting Up

The first thing we did as a group was to look at the similarities and differences between each of our beings. It was clear that although they all looked fairly different, they all had an element of bright colour to them, and so this was a theme that we continued in our film, mainly through our decoration of the set. Our given theme was 'defecate', which strongly contrasts with the look of our beings. We aim to use our set as an extension of our beings. 

So far, we have decided on the idea of setting our film at a children's birthday party, using the studio to build a set and film. We made the decision to use our costumes in the film, however we also plan to do small elements of stop motion animation, probably for the opening and closing titles. We didn't plan exactly what the set would look like, and instead decided to have fun with the making process and work it out as we went along. I quite enjoy thinking through making, and doing this in a collaborative way was even more enjoyable. 

Sometimes it can be difficult working in a group, but I think that we all collaborated well and enjoyed the making process. Me made sure that everyone got a chance to voice their ideas, and everyone was involved. We have made sure to plan our film properly, and work out what materials we need. When building the set, we all helped each other. We shared out the tasks, for example covering the wall with wrapping paper, blowing up balloons, building a piƱata etc. It was really helpful that we all had a similar vision of what we wanted the set to look like (as colourful and over the top as possible). I think that communication was really important in this part of the project. It really helped to share out tasks to speed the process up, for example some people going to buy materials whilst others carried on working in the studio.