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Artist Talk - Simone Lia

I went to an artist talk by Simone Lia, a comic artist, illustrator and writer. She enjoys using image and text in her work to explore what it means to be human. She has quite a few reoccurring characters, such as Fluffy the rabbit, and Chip and Bean.

Things That I've Learnt - The Observer

Simone has a regular comic strip in the Observer, in which she uses herself as the main character most of the time, exploring everyday topics that people can relate to. 

They Didn't Teach This in Worm School

This children's book features anthropomorphic characters who throughout the book form a friendship, helping them to discover themselves and each other. 

I really like the decision she made to use one colour in the publication. She told us that the publishers wanted to print the book in black and white. However, she wanted the worm to be coloured so that it would stand out. I think that this is a really effective way of emphasising a character in a story. The use of one colour, combined with the black and white illustrations creates a really strong image. 

Fluffy is a character that Simone uses frequently in her work. Her graphic novel 'Fluffy' was published in chapters, which meant that one chapter then paid for the next chapter to be published etc. I think that this is a really clever way of working, especially at the beginning of someone's career. It also meant that she knew the audience, and she could see it grow in popularity, which was motivating. Also, it showed the publishers that it was a strong concept that would sell.