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Artist Talk - Wednesday Collective

Daniela Negrín Ochoa and Iria López form Wednesday Collective, and produce short 2D animations for clients. They spoke to us about how they formed a collective, and how they started getting commissions. One thing that I found really interesting was that they started off by doing an animation for the London International Animation Festival in 2011. They got the job through their university, and although it wasn't a paid job, it looked like they had experience working for a client, which was really helpful in terms of their portfolio and applying for more jobs. The theme was cut out animation, and so they created the short trailer for the festival using ink and acetate cutouts. It shows what you can create with limited, simple materials. 
The link to this animation, and these images can be found here

I really enjoyed watching all of their animations and how their styles had progressed/had been fitted into different briefs. It was particularly useful to go to this talk during our current project (Author Movement), as we are making animations/films in groups. Wednesday Collective told us that communication and splitting work evenly are really important in terms of working with others. It is also really important to make sure everyone in the group understands and has an opinion on ideas, so that everyone works towards the same end goal.