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Author Movement - Crit and Feedback

When looking back at our film, and getting feedback from tutors, we realise that the pace is a bit too slow, and some clips like the piñata and the empty set scenes are too long. I think that if we had more time to edit, we would have had more opportunities to watch our film back, and therefore we could have improved it. 


  • Great use of colour
  • The set helped to capture the idea of fun
  • The shift in mood between the fun party scene and the defecating works very effectively
  • More party noises could have been used
  • Could benefit from better pacing - build up more of a sense of anticipation to emphasis the grotesque even more
  • Piñata scene lasts too long
  • Think about the noises the beings would make 
  • The song is all on a similar level - the film could have benefited from a song with some change in pace/something more frantic
  • More POV shots - the ones from the trunk of my being helped to put the audience in the film 
  • Have the set introduced with music already playing/beings arriving

From looking at the feedback we got, I realise that there is a lot to improve on. However when I rewatched our film, I noticed all of these things really easily, which shows that we would have benefited from stepping back and reflecting on our film during the filming and editing process. 

Here is the link to the film.