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Letterpress and Architecture - Inspiration

Dom Sylvester Houedard - Concrete Poetry
He turned his poetry into pieces of art by arranging the letters into an image, using a typewriter. He wrote this to describe his work: 

“Words: hard and lovely as diamonds demand to be seen, freed in space; words are wild, sentences tame them.... Concrete poems just ARE: they have no outside reference; they are objects like toys and tools, jewel-like concrete things-in-them-selves”

It's crazy to think that if one mistake was made, he would have had to start all over again! It was really helpful to see how typography and text can be used to create images that are visually striking, simple yet incredibly complicated. 

Karel Martens
He cleverly uses colour to create eye-catching prints using found objects. He says that “a design should have a lingering flavour, like a glass of good wine”. His work is simple, and yet really interesting to look at.