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We got the opportunity to sell our work at Hastings Illustration Festival! A group of around 17 of us worked together to plan, and we had meetings every week to decide things like name, logo, display methods, deadlines and payment. Not everyone came to every meeting, but that is always the way as some people just want to sell their work and not organise. I enjoyed the organising of the Spitalfields event we did, and so I wanted to get involved in as much as I could. I like to get involved in things like this, because its a great opportunity, and it might not happen again. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Hifest because I was working on the day, and so I helped to organise as much as possible. 

The day itself didn't go as well as we had hoped. The festival was quite quiet in the first few hours. There were mostly families with young children there, who were looking around, and saying they liked our work but not buying. We were expecting there to be more people around our age, maybe coming from Brighton. Although it wasn't what we expected, it still went ok, and looked like fun on the day. Yuzhen did speed portraits, which were INCREDIBLY popular, so maybe next time we should consider more interactive things.