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Camberwell Christmas Pop Up Market

Naomi, Yuzhen and I sold our work at the small Christmas pop up market at Camberwell. It was only a small stall, but it went quite well because it is so close to Christmas and our prices were low to suit the student budget. 

It didn't take much planning because we already had work ready to go because of Hifest. We applied for the stall, sending the SU photos of our work we had already reproduced for Hifest, and we got accepted. 

Naomi and I had to miss most of the event because the crit for our Ghost Post project was at the same time, but we managed to pop by and help out at lunchtime. It was sad to miss the event, but Yuzhen did well managing the stall, and it was good to see it was going well. It's really interesting to see what sells well in different environments.