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Biography - Group Tutorial Presentation and References

I found it really useful to speak to Noel, Naomi and Emily in my tutorial about my project and my research so far. Creating the presentation helped me to see all of my research together in a concise format. It helped me to realise what aspects of my research I found the most interesting, and what I should explore more. 

The feedback I got was positive, and they liked the imagery and facts I had gathered so far. Noel said that I still need to do more research into his work and the themes/ideas behind it, which I plan to do over the Easter break through drawing. 

It was also really helpful to hear and see Naomi and Emily's presentations, so that I could see how much research I had done, and maybe what methods they had used which were different. This showed me that I need to do more written research, however there is less information on Allan Wexler compared to Naomi's and Emily's projects, and so I have decided that I need to focus on his work and the ideas behind it, as that seems to have taken up the majority of his life. I plan to create a lot more imagery during the Easter holidays, and think about what method/process I would like to use to convey my ideas in my final outcome. 
When preparing for my presentation, I looked through the references that Joh had sent us. I am still not sure what I want to create yet, and so I chose a variety to include in my presentation. 

 Shackleton's Journey - William Grill: I chose this book because it uses narrative to tell the story of Ernest Shackleton's expedition across the Antarctic. I love the composition of the pages, and the different angles and perspectives really helps to tell the story. 

Museum of Innocence - Somerset House: As I have been researching the life and work of an architect, I felt that it was only right to consider using 3D in my work. Museum of Innocence uses objects to create an immersive environment. This made me think about using objects/tools that Wexler uses in my work, maybe through recreating his studio environment. I like this idea, however there may be other ways to use this, rather than 3D. 

Google Doodles: I have been considering doing an animation, or maybe something interactive, and so I looked at some Google Doodles. These are short animations that are interactive, reacting to the movement or click of the mouse. I like this idea, but I am not sure how I would achieve an interactive animation in the time that we have.

Larklamp - Magic Lamp Game: I chose this for a similar reason as the Google Doodles. Looking at Wexler's work, it is very interactive, and so this is an idea that I have been interested in. The Magic Lamp Game is a game that uses light, and you can spin the object to change where the light hits the table.