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Author Society - Pagination and Feedback

Learning how to use indesign and pagination was really helpful, for future projects as well as for this one. It showed me how much work is need before things get sent off to print. I will definitely use the things I learnt from Eilis in future projects. Although we all made notes and understood the process, we did make a small mistake. However this was due to the similarity of a couple of our collages, rather than the use of indesign. However our manifesto still works well, and it is fairly hard to notice the mistake. 

The feedback we got from Eilis and Jake was really helpful. When we first showed Eilis our collages, she said that they were visually strong and cohesive. However she told us to think about typography. We were considering using cut out , collaged letters, which she liked the idea of, but she told us to consider the font to make sure that it fits with our imagery and doesn't look too much like a ransom note. We took this advice on board and chose to cut text out of magazines, picking a few fonts that would fit with our imagery. 

When we put our manifesto together, we printed out a draft version by printing out the individual collages and sticking them into a book. This helped us to think about what our book would look like when paginated and printed. When we showed it to Eilis and Jake, we really wanted to see what Jake would think because he hadn't seen our work yet and knew nothing about our chosen theme/idea. It was really useful to hear his first impression, and he understood straight away that the manifesto had a party/fun theme. Our draft manifesto print out really helped during the pagination process, as we could take the book apart and see straight away what pages should be next to each other.