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Inspiration - Paper Plane animation

The 'Paper Plane' music video was animated by Gianluca Maruotti and illustrated by Felicita Sala. It features the main character, a man, and some animals - a bear, a tortoise and a rabbit. 

It is animated using lots of drawn images and paper cutouts. I really like the style of illustration used, and the use of texture throughout. Even though it is just paper, it has a very strong sense of narrative. I think that the constant change of shot, and zooming in on sections makes the animation very engaging. The way that the scene changes from the forest to the sea is really clever. I think these techniques could be used in any future animations I make to engage the viewer. From watching this animation, it is clear that a change of scene and zooming in and out are really effective in strengthening the narrative. 

The full animation can be seen here.
The behind the scenes video can be seen here