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Author Society - Planning and Collage

We did a lot of planning before we started making imagery for our manifesto, as we wanted to make sure that everyone understood what kind of visuals we wanted to make, and what messages we wanted our manifesto to say. It really helped to brainstorm and write out everyone's ideas, and we realised quite early on that our ideas were fairly similar. We then decided to make a list of things we wanted to look at, and we all went home to look at different aspects of our ideas in more detail. I chose to look into the coral/underwater shapes. 

We realised that it would be difficult to make sure our manifesto flowed unless everyone worked together. If we had gone away and each made individual pages, there would have been no sense of cohesion in our message and visual identity as a society. We solved this problem by making a lot of coloured textures, which we photocopied into black and white and shared out. By doing this, we were able to make collages individually but using the same textures. Once we had made a few collages each, we stuck them all up on the wall together to see what else we needed to make, and which ones were standing out to us as strong. This helped us to work out which ones would go into the manifesto, and which ones we could maybe adapt or combine with others. It was really nice to see everyone's different styles of work come together using the same materials.